Monday, August 08, 2005

Top reasons why Orcs are beter than Elves

  • They are faithful. Never in any age did they change sides, or betrayed their allies. The elves on the other side, had dealings with the dark valars many times. The Noldeian elves were won over. The rings of power were formed by the elves themselves.

  • They are not treachorous or cunning. They didnot take away the gifts Illuvatar had meant for all of his children; Orcs, Elves, Humans all and grow rich and powerful at the expense of other races.

  • They are not boastful. When elves got all of riches, lands, knowledge, lore they indulged in merry making and songs, not work for new inventions. This they passed off as proof of their being very civilised. The orcs lived on whatever little they had, yet with their hard work were as strong as the Elves.

  • They had *jeejewisha*. This is a hindi term which tells about the extreme will to live even in highly trying situations. The orcs had this in plenty.

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