Monday, August 15, 2005

Story of the Orcs in the First Age, part two.

About the same time humans arose in Middle-Earth. From the very beginning there was dispute in the human race about the side to take. Just before the capture of Melkor, the human camp broke up in two. Some of the humans joined the Elves while others joined the Orcish side. The prominent group of the Humans which went to the Elvish side was called the Edain. After most of the elves move away, the Edain keep on the war against the Elves. With the war machinery of the Valars and supplies from Aman, it was not hard to keep up the fight against the Orcs.
However the Edain and Elves didnot launch any major offensive against the Orcs. So in the meantime the Orcs nursed their dwindled strength and strengthened their army. The orcs launched a major offensive against the Orcs. However in preparation for this war the Orcs had become too top heavy. They had the army and the firepower against the orcs but not the resources to support it. The Orcs had no fertile lands or rich mines or big cities. The Edain, however had no scarcity of resources, coming from the Aman. Rook's grandson Shah-rookh was the king at that time. He launched fast and major offensives against the elves, but in his vengeful wrath, he destroyed and razed all the citieds of the Edain that he could lay his hands upon, instead of milking and profiting from them. He didnot have the resources to pay for and maintain his arme. So a part of the army led by Lazog rebelled. This was an era of much kinstrife and kinslaying among the orcs. This gave rise to the legend in the middle earth that the Orcs are always fighting amongst theselves. It also had a major impact on the Orcish pchyse that the Orcs became wary of all, even a cvlose kin. It also allowed the Edain to fight back.
At this time Melkor was released on parole. He stopped the Orcs from fighting the Edains. With his coming, the Elves got a strong central figure and the wars among Orcs stopped. However by that time Lazog and his allies were clear winners, and the reign of the Rookh dynasty came to an end. Melkor allied with the Noldorian elves. But before this alliance could be cemented, the Noldorians elves betrayed the Orcs and Melkor and went to Valars. Valars wary of growing power and influence of the Melkor attack him. Melkor runs away to Middle Earth amongst the Orcs. They attack Noldor and destroy the two light trees and take away the three silmarils. Their is darkness in the world, and so power of Orcs and Dark Valars increases. They make war upon the Elves remaining in Middle earth. The valars are unable to send any help to elves due to darkness in the world. The orcs set up a huge empire in middle earth. But they grow too confident and donot crush the remainants of Elvish resistance.
The elves cement their friendship with the Edain through intermarriages. A new race of the half elven is born. They take back the silmarils and sail back to aman where they ask for and get aid against the Orcs. The valars sensing their chance send all their might to the support of the Elvish alliance in middle earth. The Orcs unprepared for this lose on all fronts. Melkor is overthrown.
This marks the end of the first age.

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