Monday, August 08, 2005

Chronology of Ages, Orcish perspective: Second age

This does not match exactly with Tolkien as they are the Orcs accounts of the story.

1. Sauron with the leftover of the dark citcle returns to the desolate lands of Mordor and starts making a stronghold there. Orcs, on the run on alll sides retreat to Mordor.
2. Stronghold of Barad-dur in Mordor completed.
3. Middle earth has relative peace for a long time with both sides nursing their dwindled strength.
4. Sauron proposes peace to Elves. Gil-gilad, the high king of the Elves, refuses to have anything with him. But the smiths of Eregion are won over.
5. As a tribute to peace between the two warring people, the Rings of Power are started to be formed. The ring was to have powers of both light and dark side.
6. Strife over ownership of ring ensues. Sauron realises that the elves still didnot trust him and would never allow him to have a ring of power.
7. Sauron starts making the one ring to be mastor of all rings, in secret.
8. Open war between Elves and Orcs over ownership of the rings.
9. With the power of the one Ring behind him, Sauron attacks the elves of eriador and overuns it.
10. Gil-gilad sends Elerond to Eriador. He retreats with the remainants of the Elves to Rivendell.
11. Numenoreans send a great army to the help of the elves. Unpreapared for this sudden onslaught, Sauron retreats to Mordor.
12. Mordor is besieged for a long time.
13. Numenorians attack Mordor. Sauron is caught and is taken to Numenor.
14. Sauron is presented before the King of Numenor, and tells him the truth that those with the mastery of Aman will have unending life. Numenorians sure of their powers and jealous of their allies infinite life plan to attack Aman.
15. Numenor breaks into two camps over the plan to attack Aman.
16. Numenorians attack Aman. Valars call upon the Illuvatar and cast down Numenor into the sea. The numenorians loyal to the Valars are given safe passage to Middle-Earth where they form two kingdoms in exile; Gondor and Arnor. Sauron comes back to mordor.
17. Sauron attacks Gondor.
18. Numenorians and Elves form the Last Alliance of Elves and Men and march on Mordor. Sauron is defeated and the one Ring is lost. Sauron is rendered powerless.

*end of Second Age*

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