Monday, August 08, 2005

The races.

Tolkien has described elves as the epitome of goodness. They are loving, caring, fond of art, music, dancing and the like. On the other extreme are the orcs .they represent all that is bad. They are jealous, squabbling, fighting amongst themselves and have no care for arts and music. Between them lie humans, dwarves, hobbits and the like. They have shades of grey. Humans have helped both dark and the light side in their wars. Dwarves have never helped the dark powers but have always been allied with the elves. However, they have no love for the plants and songs so there has been much strife between them and elves.

However, the point is that the history of middle earth as told by Tolkien is the history from the side of elves. It does not take into account the views of orcs. The history of middle earth is not the story of fight between good and evil. It is the fight between two camps. It is the fight between the creatures of day and the creatures of night.
In this story, the orcs lost and so Tolkien’s story has a happy ending. If the story is told from side of the orcs it will be a tragedy, but it will be a story alright. It is the story that I tell.
Were the elves loving and caring. Did they love music and arts so much? Yes they were. They should be. Because they had all the resources for themselves. They were sitting on all the good things the world had to offer. The most fertile lands, the most precious gems, the most profitable mines. And an infinite life to enjoy it. And a haven to sail away when they got bored of all this good life.
Orcs were jealous and fighting amongst themselves. But what choice did they have. All the resources were taken from them. There never was enough of anything. If one is hungry, he will try to get food from whatever source he had, by any means, beg, borrow or steal. It could not matter if the other person was his own kindred. So there was strife amongst orcs. They did not care for music. They could not. The first priority was living. The elves never let them care for anything else.
Humans sometimes saw the viewpoint of the orcs and sometimes they did not. Therefore, humans have helped both the dark and light in the wars. The dwarves never saw their viewpoint and never helped them.

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