Monday, August 15, 2005

Jeejewisha of the Orcs

Have you seen a wild boar being hunted? It is said that ten spear wielding men will not suffice as long as they have any care for their bones. For the boar will keep on fighting, till one drop of life is left in him. So keen is the desire to live, that the boar just wont say die.
This quality is called "jeejewisha", the will to live. And this no one, not even the Elves, can deny that Orcs have in plenty. Though the elves will put it differently and say that the orcs live like animals and wild boars.
This is one quality which every Orcs is proud to have and values above all other quality. For it is this quality which has allowed to live in such trying circumstances. It is this quality which has enabled them to stay put in middle-earth in spite of all efforts and treachouries of the Elves. It is this quality which has stopped the Elves from exterminating them.
Were the Orcs left any choice? He that is down need fear no fall. When their cities were destroyed, not once but many times, in course of long history of middle earth, they fought back with whatever weapons they were left, ate what food they could raise and slept in lands they could go. But all these efforts of theirs were left unsung and unpraised, for their kins and friends were fighting or dead. And after this they were called no better than wild beasts by men and Elves. But this also made them hardy like wild beasts. It gave them the Jeejewisha of the wild boars. In spite of all hardships life seemed fair to them.

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