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Story of the Middle Earth as told by Tolkien.

It is in chronological order. Though I have tried to keep all facts correct some may be wrong.
1. Valar, children of gods thought created.
2. Discord amongst the valar,dark and light sides , led respectively by melkor and manwe divide.
3. God shows them a dream,the craetion of the world. Valar want to realise it.
4. Both dark and light sides join to realise this great dream.
5. Second strife amongst the sides.both sides are estranged for ever.
6. Manwe casts Melkor and the Valars on his side away from the circles of the valarar and he along with his allies finishes the remaining part. Melkor finishes his great fortress Utumno. While the Valars rest he gathers his strengths, calls the Ainur who sang with him in the notes and assails the valarar. He strikes down the two lamps of Valar and returns back to Utumno.
7. Valars retreat to a new land, Aman and fortify it against Melkor.
8. Elves arise in middle earth
9. Valars learn that Melkor had found out about elves, and fearing he might currupt them they attack him. Melkor is captured and Utumno destroyed.
10. Melkor kept in prision in valarinor. Qwendi advance a great civilisation.
11. Melkor released on parole.
12. Melkor wins some of the qwendi (noldor) to his side.
13. Valars find out about it and seek to punish him.
14. Melkor runs away and eludes his pursurers. He regroups and attacks king of the noldor for betraying him to the valarinor.
15. The two light trees are destroyed again. Melkor takes the three Simarils with him.
16. Melkor restablishes his kingdom in the middle earth. He wages war upon the elves living there.
17. One silmaril recovered by the half elven.
18. Half elven sail back to valarinor. They obtain help from valarar.
19. Melkor is caught and cast into the darkness of ea. Highly weakened he could not return.
20. The edain are given a new piece of land to dwell in, away from the worries of middle earth. They are also given a long life, thrice that of ordinary men.
21. Sauron, an ainur who had sung with melkor in the notes ,leads rest of melkor's followers back to middle earth. He makes a new strong hold in the lands of Mordor.
22. Sauron stives with the elves for mastery of middle earth. He completes his stronghold of Barad-dur in Mordor.
22b. Sauron joins the eldar for forging the rings of power. Gil-gilad refuses to deal with him, but the smiths of Aregion join him.
22c. Elven smiths craft three rings. Sauron realising he will not get any of these rings forges one ring to be their master, secretly.
23c. War between Sauron and the Elves over claim of the rings.
24d. Sauron attacks and wins over the elves of Eriador. Gil-gilad sends Elrond to Eriador. He retreats with remainants of elves.
24e. Numenoreans send a great army to help of elves. Sauron is forced to retreat to mordor.
24f. Civil war in numenor.
23. Numenoreans attack Mordor and catch Sauron. He is taken to numenor.
24. Sauron tells to the Numerorean king that those who have mastery of Aman have unending life. Numenorians become jealous of unending life of Elves and Valar. Numenoreans believe him.
25. Numenoreans attack Aman.
26. Valars lay dsown their guardianship over the wotld. Numenor cast down into the sea. Aman taken away from circles of earth. Numenorians who had opposed attack on Aman given a chance to get away.
27. Numenorians-in-exile form two kingdoms in middle earth- Gondor and Arnor. King of Numenoreans who was faithiful to the valarar-
Elendil becomes king of north kingdom, Arnor. His sons Isildur and Anarion oversee Gondor.
28. Sauron wishing to strike before numenorean-in-exile have taken roots attacks Gondor. Isildur escapes. Anarion defends the fortresses of Gondor.
29. Last alliance of elves and numenorean men is formed. Gil-gilad and Elendil march towards Mordor. Sauron defeated in all of his strong holds exept Barad-dur. Anarion is slain.
30. Siege of barad-dur begins.
31. Sauron captured and overthrown. Gil-gilad and Elendil perish in this siege. Isildur captures the one ring.
This marks the overthrow of Sauron and end of the first age.

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