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Chronology of Ages, Orcish perspective: First age

This is not from Tolkien. Using his story as a base I am telling Orcs view of Middle Earth.

1. Arose in middle earth at the same time as Elves
2. Both were just small tribes in the beginning. Orcs preferred day while Elves preferred day.
3. When both grew large enough, the nearby resources were not large enough to maintain both tribes. As a result fighting broke out between them. At this time Valars came to know that the children of Illuvatars thought had arisen in the middle earth.They came searching for them.
4. Being diurnal they first met the Elves and first heard their viewpoint. The Elves ask them to arbitrate in their wars on their behalf.
5. By this time the Orcs had became wary of all day creatures. They refuse to meet the Valars.
6. The Valars lend their aid to Elves in war against the Orcs. Greatly outmatched Orcs retreat to their underground cities. in the darkness of the underground ,the Valars powers were greatly lessened and Elves not very sure about the powers of the Orcs in the underground, did not pursue the Orcs to the underground. At this time, Orcs become underground creatures.
8. Orcs meet the dark Valars and forge an alliance. The powers in the middle-earth now being more matched the Orcs launch an offensive against the unprepared Elves. First war of the races begins.
9. Both sides suffer great losses.
10. The Valars attack Utumno itself and destroy it. The league of Dark Valars is broken. Melkor captured and brought to prison.
11. Outmatched again, Orcs suffer great reverses.
12. Around this time, humans arise in middle earth .Both sides ask for help in their war. Human camp breaks in two. Edain join the Elves and Rodain join the Orcs.
13. Weary of war and wanting peace in Middle-Earth the Valars ask the Elves to cease the war and to live with them in Aman.
14. Elves in large numbers leave middle earth. Edain are left allyless but hold on with the war machinery created by the Elves and those who remained back.
15. Elves advance a great civilization in Aman .Under the tutelage of the Valars and free of any threat, they become great philosophers, musicians and learners. Orcs meanwhile, always busy in war and besieged are left a primitive civilization.
16. Melkor is released on parole. (Some say under direct intervention from the Illuvatar, who was moved with pity on the poor condition of the Orcs). A ceasefire is signed between the Orcs and the Elves. Orcs gather their dwindled strength.
17. Orcs win over a group of Elves (Noldor) to their side and to their friendship. A treaty of friendship and alliance is signed between them. The circle of Vark Valars is formed again.
18. The Noldor betray the Orcs and inform the Valars of Melkors designs.
19. Wary and aware now of the increasing strength of the Orcs the Valars attack Melkor and Orcs.
20. By now the strength of the Orcs and the Council of Dark Valars was great enough for the Elves and the Valars. They hold off the attack and Melkor launches an offensive against the Noldor.
21. He destroys the two light trees and takes the three Silmarils with him. There was darkness in the world with the Silmarils gone and so power of the Council of Dark Valars and Orcs increased, while that of Elves and Valars decreased.
22. Orcs make war upon the Edain and Elves living in the Middle-earth..
23. Without the light of the trees and the Silmarils, the Valars are unable to send any help to middle earth.
24. Under the guidance of the Council of Dark Valars, the Orcs have their first major win. They setup their largest empire yet in the middle-earth.
25. The win lulls them to be too sure of themselves and they do not crush the ruminants of the Elvish or the Edainic resistance.
26. The Rodain for their help are given large areas of land as their own.
27. Elves and the Edain cement their alliance through intermarriage. A new race of the half elven is born.
28. The half elven recover the one Silmaril and with its help sail back to Aman. There they plead and win aid, for the Elves and Edain of the middle earth.
29. Valars send all their might to the aid of the Elves. Melkor is captured and cast away in the darkness of EA. The strongholds of the Orcs and the Rodan are captured or destroyed.
30. For interfering too brazenly in the war of the races the Valars are reprimanded by Illuvatar and asked not to interfere again ere the need be too great.

*end of first age*

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