Monday, August 08, 2005

Lord of the Rings Fanatics Tour: Mordor

I am writing "the OrcStory" because:

  • Tolkien wrote his story damn stark black and white. Elves are good Orcs are bad. Tolkiens story is told from the side of Elves. To greyen this story a little, to put forward the Orcish perspective, I write this Story.

  • Tolkiens story is undemocratic and dynastic. X was great coz he was the son of Y. No one became great by their works, they all inherited it. And democracy does not even get a passing mention. To bring some democracy to middle earth I write this story.

  • The story is castist. Best are the valars. No elf is bad. Then come the humans and dwrafs. At the bottom lie orcs. Why this segmentation of society. The orcs would be much more cosmopolitan. All orcs would be equal without castist feelings.

  • Because to be civilised you need to love music,etc. And it is even more important than working hard or anything.

  • Coz Tolkien was a racist. Ha-Ha. But more on that later.

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