Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Did Orcs use magic?

Did Orcs use magic?

Magic in Middle earth is almost non magical. For Elves magic is their farsightedness both physically and in time, their really long lives which allows them to accumulate wisdom. For dwarves it is their finely crafted tools, their unmatched weapons and amour. Even the Balrogs, dragons can scarcely do anything really magical. They just were free of some physical limitations present in other people of middle earth. Only wizards can do anything really magical as Gandalf does when he produces fire out of thin air or closes a door by a word of power.
So the Orcs did not use magic, per se. But in fourth age when their tools and craft had surpassed even Dwarves, their products seemed magical to rest of the Middle-earth. Their wahans ,which was not available to any other race for long afterwards, seemed real magic to the other races.

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