Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Dialogue between Gandalf and Dwarves, about Balrog

Dialogue between Gandalf and Dwarves concerning Balrog:-
(The dwarves have finally decided to attack Moria without Gondor and Elves. To make sure, Moria can be mined without Balrog’s terror, they ask Gandalf about it. Gandalf was passing through, when he was requested to visit, Balin 11, the then kin of Dwarves)

Dwarf Guard: Hail Mithrandir and well met. Enter now the chamber of the kings, for king Balin wishes to parley with you.
(Gandalf enters.)
Balin: Welcome friend. I hope the grandeur of our court impresses you, for then you may see and realize that we have regained all our previous glory and strength of yore. But yet, we Dwarves have not regained all that is rightfully ours. But wait it is not aid that we seek now, but only knowledge. A knowledge which only you can provide.
Gandalf: Greetings to you O great and wise king. Friend you cal me and yet you renounce and old friendship and alliance with the elves. But, surely this is your decision to make and I must not tell anything. I have meddled to much in the affairs of middle earth already.
B: Our friendship brings with it a cost and is not bought cheap. Now we will offer it only to people who are ready to pay the price. O Mithrandir, but now will you not tell us about the Balrog?
G: Ask but be aware that I may refuse to answer it. I, Gandalf the Grey, who became Gandalf the white, have already interfared too much in the affairs of Middle Earth. This age is not the age of the Valars and the Wizards, but of the free people of middle earth. Now each race must choose its own destiny, and we wizards must not do anything to change the way history shapes up.
B: Did you not battle Balrog in depth of Moria? It is well known to us. Gilmi, Gloin’s son saw it with his own eyes. But now we doubt and fear that Balrog might have returned to Moria, or may return when we retake it, making all our efforts vain.
G: It may have returned or not. I say neither nay nor yea. O king, it is for you to decide to attack Moria or to shy away.
B: So you refuse to answer any of my questions?
G: I am bound not to answer any question any answer which alters the course of history in Middle Earth.
B: Has Gandalf forgotten the old friendship the old friendship of Dwarves? Has he also forgotten Gilmi, of the nine walkers, who risked his life for him in Moria. Will he not tell whether he killed Balrog or not.
G: This I can tell you O king, no one can kill a Balrog. It is beyond me or anyone save Illuvatar himself. But this too I will tell you, I quenched him. Whether it can refire or not is for you to find out and decide. Oh and as much as I would like to stay and enjoy your hospitality I have other business to tend. So I must ask your leave.
B: (Thinking aloud to himself): Is it not said “meddle not in affairs of wizards for they are both subtle and quick to anger”. He has quenched the Balrog but not killed it. Is it a subtle difference? Will Balrog come back? We do not know. But this we know, now is the time to attack Moria. We have already waited long enough.

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